Acres West Water
Website development
The Task

Trustworthy & Informative Site

In designing the Acres West Water website, our focus was on showcasing the company’s long-standing reputation and expertise in water treatment solutions.

Established in 1989, Acres West Water has been a family-owned business dedicated to providing advanced water treatment to rural areas around Calgary. We highlighted this rich history and their commitment to quality service, ensuring that the website communicates trust and reliability to its visitors.

User-Friendly & Educational

We also concentrated on making the website highly user-friendly and educational, given their customer demographics. A key feature is the inclusion of instructional videos, which are intended to assist customers in maintaining their Acres West installed devices. This interactive content not only educates users but also enhances their experience by providing practical, easy-to-follow guidance. The website’s design facilitates easy access to these resources as well as clear and direct contact options, making it simple for users to reach out for assistance or more information.