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Create a Killer Twitter Presence | A Complete Guide

Whether your goal is to get more Twitter followers, leads or increase website traffic, this guide has you covered.

Optimize Profile Picture

Social Media is about human connections, so if you are building a personal brand make sure to use a picture of yourself. However, if you are trying to build a brand through Twitter, show your logo.

Correct image dimensions

There is nothing worse than a blurry or badly cropped picture, so make sure you use the right size when sharing visual content.

Here are the optimal sizes for Twitter:

  • Images in Tweets should be 440 x 220
  • Profile Images should be 400 x 400
  • Banner Images should be 1500 x 1500

Other Social Media Image Dimensions @ https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/ultimate-guide-social-media-image-dimensions-infographic#sm.00000knjcu8vh8d3pysqpb9s75xyr

Create a Killer Bio

You have 160 Characters to write your bio, but that does not mean it cannot be a killer one. This is a great place to explain who you are. Most bios are predictable so this is a great chance to stand out from the crowd.

  • Tell people who you are
  • Don’t be afraid to use humour
  • Write it to attract people like you
  • List Accomplishments
  • Add some personality

More Bio Tips @ https://blog.hubspot.com/insiders/how-to-write-a-twitter-bio

Handle and User Name Match 

When you are able to match your Twitter handle to your Brand people are able to find you more easily.

If the username you are hoping for is already taken this blog can help you come up with a good handle@ http://www.dummies.com/social-media/twitter/how-to-choose-a-good-twitter-username/

Incorporate Keywords 

Your tweets can show up in search results, which means you can increase your reach by adding relevant keywords to your tweets.

Use #Hashtags – Carefully

Studies have shown that tweets with #hashtags get twice the engagement than ones without. However, when you include more than two hashtags in a tweet your engagement can decrease up to 17%, so do not overuse them.

Ask Questions to Increase Engagement

Entice people to engage with your posts by asking them questions or for there thoughts on the topic. You can also reframe your blog titles like this.

Tag Profiles and Images 

If you are referencing another Twitter user or brand, quote there profile in your tweet or tag them in an image. This will increase the chances of them seeing, liking and sharing the post themselves.

Promote Tweets

Extend the life of your tweet by promoting it. If you find a tweet is performing well, you can put a budget behind it so you can reach even more people online.

Look at Trends

Talking about trending topics are great to engage users. That is why you need to consistently seek relevant updates and news about your industry.

Stand out with Emojis 

When someone sees an emoji on Social Media, the same parts of the brain are activated as if they are seeing a real human. If you incorporate emoticons in your tweets, they are more likely to be seen.

Add Humor – when appropriate

Don’t be afraid to be funny, your brand won’t lose credibility. If you avoid controversial topics, don’t force humour and are not afraid to make fun of yourself you will be fine.

Tweet at the right time 

It is highly recommended to find your optimal time to tweet to your audience. Below is a general these are the best times to tweet to get the most reach:

  • M-F between 12-5pm
  • Wednesday at 5
  • Weekends 6-7am and 9-10pm

Follow 50 per day

Studies have shown that 23-30% of people you follow will follow you back. That means for every 50 people you follow around 15 people will follow you back. This is a quick way to start building a following. If you follow highly targeted people you will be fine.

Unfollow Inactive Users

It is good practice to clean up your account quarterly. There is no point in following inactive accounts. If someone has not posted or shared anything in the past 60 days they are not likely to do so anytime soon. This will also improve your following to follower ratio.

Use the right words

The words you use in your tweets can have a significant impact on your audience. Words like please, re-tweet and you can increase engagement.  On the other hand, words like home, work, and bored can decrease it.

Shorten Your Links to Say More

You can only say so much with 140 characters so the more space you save, the better. By using a link shortener you are not only able to save lots of space but to track how many people click on those links. Below is a list of places you can shorten and track your links:

Check the Competition

Competitive Analysis is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. When you study what your competitors are doing and what is working for them you can apply those strategies to your business.

Share Relevant Content

Content is KING when it comes to Social Media. If you consistently share bad or off-topic content, your audience will stop paying attention to you.

Add Images and Video

Tweets with images and or native video receive more clicks, favourites and more re-tweets. If you are not implementing visual content you are missing out on a huge opportunity.

Search to find what you need

By using the advanced search tool on Twitter, you can find tweets that mention the services or products you offer to connect with people who may be interested in your offerings. This feature also gives you a way to find out what people are saying about your brand, competitors or the industry in general.

Engage, Comment and Share

By sharing relevant content, answering questions, and being an active member of your community can help grow more attention.

It’s not all about you 

Social Media Marketing is not about you or your products and services, it’s about your audience. The general rule of thumb is to share 80% valuable content and 20% advertising.

70-100 Characters 

Marketing is about simplifying your message so people can actually understand it, and when it comes to your Twitter Marketing you should apply the same technique.  It has been found that shorter tweets get the most re-tweets. A shorter message also allows someone re-tweeting to add a message of their own without running out of space.

Re-tweet with a Comment

Add value to the conversation by including your own comment, opinion or knowledge when you re-tweet another user. Doing this also ensures your profile image is shown when shared further increasing your brand awareness.

Automate during off hours

If you want the highest reach possible, you need to be tweeting 24/7, so make sure you automate Twitter during off hours.  Below are great resources to help you do this:

Share Content Again or Revive Old Content

Twitter is full of noise and not all your followers will see every tweet you make. That is why it is important to share the same content more than once.

Create and Share Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists are meant to organize and group people together based on various likes, interests, location, and so on. If you want to share your list you just have to go it to, copy the URL and then include this in your tweet.

Utilize Analytics

The data found in Twitter Analytics is the key to your success. The information in here can tell you how your tweets are performing, the optimal time you should be tweeting, and even what kind of people are following you.

Import Leads/ Emails to Connect 

Twitter will allow you to import contacts and find accounts based on this list to connect with.  For instructions to do this visit @ http://www.dummies.com/social-media/twitter/how-to-import-contact-lists-to-twitter/

Don’t Follow Everyone under the Sun

You do not need to follow every one of your followers on Twitter. Try to follow back people who are relevant to your business and who seem active on Twitter to keep your community clean and engaged.

Avoid Over Promotion

Twitter is a great place to build new relationships with customers and potential customers, drive traffic to your blog, and even generate sales leads. However, Twitter is not for selling (unless your buying ads). Instead, it is important to focus on providing value, sharing content and engaging with your audience.

Don’t BUY Follower$

Sure you can go buy a thousand followers to add to your profile by tomorrow but what good are they to you if they will not be engaging in your posts, are not potential customers and clutter your community. Doing this can also cause your account to be frozen by Twitter. Instead, it is much more effective to publicize your account and get followers you care about.

SPAM IS BAD – even in the can

If you are going to SPAM people with content and sales offers they are going to HATE YOU.

Do NOT Auto DM – It’s annoying

If you found this list helpful, or do you have any additional killer Twitter Tips? Please leave a comment and let us know!


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