Canadian Institute for Blended Learning
Website development
The Task

Educational, Resourceful website

Our design for the Canadian Institute for Blended Learning (CIBL) website focused on showcasing their diverse eLearning programs and courses. The website is rich in content about their offerings in hospitality, language skills, and more. We made sure that this plethora of educational information was clearly and effectively communicated to prospective students.

The site emphasizes CIBL’s commitment to a supportive educational environment, highlighting their approach to individualized student support and feedback, especially in their language programs like IELTS. This dedication to educational excellence is woven throughout the website.

Interactive & Accessible

We aimed for a user-friendly interface that simplifies navigation through the diverse educational content. Interactive elements, such as sample IELTS questions and detailed course descriptions, make the website engaging and helpful for students. Our design ensures that important information, including contact details and program specifics, is easily accessible, reflecting the institute’s open and student-focused ethos.