West Quality Roofing & Exteriors
Website development
The Task

Professional, Informative website

Our design focus was to highlight the company’s commitment to quality, excellence, and dependability in roofing, siding, and attic ventilation services in Calgary.

West Quality has a lot of information on various product lines, therefore clearly communicating this information to customers was paramount to designing the website. 

We emphasized their customer-centric approach, showcasing their dedication to 100% customer satisfaction through attentive listening, effective implementation, and complete project fulfillment.

Safety is a key theme, as evidenced by their Alberta Construction Safety Association recognition. The website effectively communicates their expertise in various roofing and siding solutions, positioning them as a knowledgeable and reliable choice for both residential and commercial clients.

User-friendly & engaging

A clean look with clear calls to action (CTA) and well-organized information was desired, and that’s what our team delivered!